Robert Butler pic 2“Welcome to my website.  I’m a Libertarian because I believe in the sovereign power of the individual to have both the economic and personal freedom they need to decide the best way to live their lives. The three pillars of my campaign are:  Economic FreedomPersonal Freedom, andGovernment Reform

The Lieutenant Governor’s greatest influence is as President of the Texas Senate. As such, Robert Butler would promote the passage of the Libertarian Party of Texas’ 2013 Legislative Agenda. Find it at:

Economic FreedomEconomic Freedom

√ Defend Property Rights
√ End the Gross Margins Tax
√ Reduce Property Taxes
√ Cut state budget 50%
√ Promote Sound Money

personal freedomPersonal Freedom

Legalize Immigration
End Failed War on Drugs
√ Parent Choice on Education
√ Free Market Healthcare
√ Stop Intrusive Search/TSA

Government Reform Government Reform

√ End 2-Party System
Proportional Representation
√ Increase Transparency
Stop Asset Forfeiture Abuse
√ End Warrantless Surveillance

Qualifications & Achievements
Robert Butler has held leadership roles in the Libertarian Party since 2003. They include, but not limited to: Executive Director, LP of Ohio; State Chair, LP of Ohio; Executive Director, LP of Texas; and Chair, LP of Williamson County, Texas. Robert’s achievements include: successfully suing the Ohio Secretary of State to gain Libertarian ballot access, helping to re-write Ohio’s eminent domain laws and raising the most fundraising dollars ever by a Libertarian state party here in Texas.